RFP on Diets

Many posts and links by RFP focus on obesity and diet. Here is a basic understanding as to what we do know: Very accurate snapshot by wired.com on the state of nutrition research, synopsis: We know nothing. Proper diet remains THE food issue in the first world. Obesity now reached epidemic levels among the majority of citizens in […]

GMO Overview

Are we making progress in the civil movement against GMO ? More here: Why you should care about GMO legislation. Another interesting piece by IFL on the various aspects of GMO, here GMO vs. Mutagenesis, a background story by the business week, which proves change is happening. Nourish four billion people more, without GMO ? No problem say these […]

food magazines

Food Writers, the real ones

A link to one of the best minds when it comes to real food, Michael Pollan, He is one of the truly impartial voices to speak on behalf of real food. (Visited 23 times, 1 visits today)

About the real food project, organic and natural foods

The reason we named our foundation ” Real Food Project ” is because we love real food and anything connected to it. This page is to promote this love. This love takes on all shapes and sizes, we invite you to explore and discover them. Be it saving the equivalent of a house through meal […]

Real Food and its value

Interesting article on the true value of food. People tell us how some large income farmers get most of the dough in subsidies while small farms suffer. We would like to point out two facts: – corn and soy have been the heaviest subsidised crops for the last 50 years. – a great reason for obesity […]

Ocean life

Very extensive and comprehensive  website on the water covering  3/5 of our planet is the World ocean review. State of the art impartial information on the topic, well worth a visit. International council for the exploration of the sea, is an organization of 4000 scientists working together. Monterey Bay Aquarium is a treasure trove of information. (Visited […]

Wheat Fields with blue skies.

Local Food

This piece by Huffington Post writer/coinstigator for RFP Ellen Kanner uncovers the secret behind dirty jeans and blackened fingernails farmers carry these days. Hidden in the following post are the locations of 6000 farmers markets, so come and discover: Local Hero Co-ops and food buying clubs near you in Florida There is one near you.. (Visited 34 […]

Who enjoys cooking ?

There actually  is such a thing as the National center for home Food preservation. Great site ! One of the best sites on pickling : culturedpickleshop.com Baking with the american guru on the Topic, Rose Levy Beranbaum Watch how a champ makes an omelette, and then watch some more at the NYT video page. Two of the […]


We usually do not promote companies, here comes the exception to the rule. Real Food, tons of it actually, maybe too late for Thanksgiving, keep them in mind for Christmas though ! Good Food Source : The online resource for food lovers. NFL players do better with real food. See it here at the NYT […]