RFP on Diets

Many posts and links by RFP focus on obesity and diet. Here is a basic understanding as to what we do know:

Very accurate snapshot by wired.com on the state of nutrition research, synopsis: We know nothing.

Proper diet remains THE food issue in the first world. Obesity now reached epidemic levels among the majority of citizens in developed nations, a phenomenon unknown in history.
For starters, here is the world’s best diet, which is no diet at all. You will be surprised, pleasantly so.

The history of nutrition, great read in national geographic magazine , especially concerning food fads. Lots of interesting info putting some dietary fads in their place.

Analysis result of 31 long term studies, diets don’t work says UCLA
Busting 7 myths about Food is the Cleveland Clinic

The New York Times not surprisingly has one of the best nutritional info pages in the country.

Cleveland clinic on real foods with two articles on nutritional metabolism boosters. Why is it that most ” health experts ” are just selling you their products ? These guys are on the forefront in publishing useful, impartial information to consumers, here is another example.
Much more on the topic on our Facebook page, feel free to contribute your personal recipe for a better life.

What happens when leading health executives announce the end of the chemical century and the beginning of the biological ?

Read this article in Britain’s  Guardian.  FYI, mister Monsanto, yes we can do without you and it comes out even better :
 A new paradigm is on the horizont, local and self sustaining food, self determined agriculture and more.
We like these guys because they create change, a vision and a better model to feed themselves, your thoughts on them ?

 Very accurate snapshot on the state of nutrition research by wired magazine, synopsis: We know nothing…

Center for Science in the Public Interest
Since 1971, the Center for Science in the Public Interest has been a strong advocate for nutrition and health, food safety, alcohol policy, and sound science. Its award-winning newsletter, Nutrition Action Healthletter, is the largest-circulation health newsletter in North America.
Good journalism investigates and is impartial to the topic and interests of groups. ‘Tis why we love Salon.com
The institute for the future doesn’t employ some knuckleheads as you might expect: Visions of what will become present, concocted by some extremely bright minds.
More sources of information on food coming up from the Livestrong foundation. Check them out and let us know what you think of them.
Unbiased information on all things real food, and not so real food on National Public Radio, an independent institution without government funding.
Current issues being discussed from several points of view. We find there are not that many information sources around like this one at National Public Radio.
And then there is the venerable NYTimes with its health page, up to date as always:
To add to this list, here is a self educated woman passing on the wealth: I think DaNelle promotes real food, don’t  you ?

The Cleveland Clinic publishes ground breaking studies on how to avoid and fight obesity, check them out!
 Here are some very good ideas on how to start changing the situation. I am not a big fan of medication or even surgery, but I can see how for some people there are no other alternatives.

 The obesity pandemic is caused partly by a lack of real food
and shortage of impartial information on the topic. The guys at turn the tide foundation help, for free.
Weston Prize,  the front runners on everything meat and dairy research. They are impartial, no BS and a great source of information
 8 TED talks on sustainable food, right here.