Real Food in 2019

Food in 2019

For me 2019 will bring countless times friends and family sit around the kitchen table, facing freshly baked pastries and breads, coffee and home made jam, free range eggs and my in house cured bacon.

2019 brings less hunger in the world, especially where I live, because the inhabitants and restaurants of my city waste less food and they will give more to local food banks. Homeless  shelters will cook from scratch, using fresh herbs and more beans, lentils and peas to foster health. Officials in my city will pass an ordinance, so supermarkets must donate surplus fruits and vegetables to shelters and church kitchens.

2019 means better education on all things cooking and diet, so my people feel better, eat better and spend less money at the same time. I am in charge of all that.

2019 school lunches will improve in quality, because there is change for the better and those kids in school deserve better.

2019 the ethnic cuisines of this world will have great food in stock for me, because good food is a global thing. I will stay away from stinky tofu, beef tendons and fermented critters though.

 I dare say every country has a few dishes which are not spicy, weirdly flavored or have ingredients like the rare amazonian jungle water nut, i will taste a few.

2019 I will – at least – go for one lunch or breakfast in a park, bring a blanket and a friend and munch on some home made treats while I watch the birds and the world go by.

I will bring out a toast to the beauty of my life and to the joy that real food brings.