Numbers – Editorial

This one is a favorite on any website for most visitors who only browse. Any page worth its salt comes up with lists which make more or less sense. At RFP we give you relevant lists only, which sets us apart from click oriented pages. As a foundation we are interested in valuable, hand picked content, not advertising.

Following are the main reasons we love lists and numbers, according to a survey by the BBC. Mind, at RFP we don’t swallow the upcoming lists without tasting them first.

In any numbers or top 10, 20 or 50 category we

– know precisely what we are getting into
– we think we don’t have enough time to read full articles
– lists are easy on the brain
– they are easy to scan
– we always know how much is left to read
– it’s fun to try and guess the winners
– we always love to be proven right and finally, lists feel definitive.

The thing is beauty and content is alway in the eye of the beholder. ‘Tis why we don’t publish Oreo cookies recipes, Oprah’s tips on eating or the latest book by Dr. Oz or any other self appointed guru.

Please keep this in mind when scouring through the content here.

Though it has gone through an approval process here at RFP, we make no claim to hold the universal truth. Then again, if you find turmeric, pulses, garlic and ginger on nearly every best-of list, then….