Here is why fresh veggies bought locally are saving you big bucks in the long run. Outside of this article at keep in mind veggies loose 5% of their vitamins a day, which makes local merchandise better in the long run. Especially when the time in life comes to visit doctors… , all kinds of homemade food advise and homesteading, guaranteed to yield better results than most store bought products.

Eating at home will save your life. Here is why, great writing in the Huffpo.

How to Save $2,997 a Year on Food Without Even Noticing, since we do like cold hard cash, don’t we ?

Another way of saving money and eat better at the same time is 
A newspaper in Britain, The Guardian, published a very informative paper on the topic of food waste.
In this part of the world we throw away up to 60 % of our food. It goes down the drain, into the gutter, oblivion, money out the window.
An average family anywhere in Western Europe, Australia or North America, a single look per week into the content of your refrigerator could augment your disposable income by a small fortune.
Save money, eat more fresh food, schlep less and save the world at the same time ?  Easy as 123, thanks to Regina and our friends over at for posting: