School Food – editorial

We don’t know a lot about food anymore.

Cooking from scratch is a skill, art, beauty, performance, something belonging to our grannies. During the middle of the last century when canned food became popular and fed many a starving mouth common cooking skills started to slowly disappear.

At RFP we would like this to change, when we promote cooking and nutrition as a mandatory topic in school, kindergarten, elementary or high school. Imagine all the health and social benefits of cooking and eating together throughout our lives. We also hope to change those lousy school lunches our kids stomach every day of the work week.

Imagine what a well nourished adolescent could accomplish, imagine the health care cost he/she could save by learning how to cook a little. Pay your grocer now or your doctor in 20 years is RFP’s credo. And learn how to cook.

Then imagine the social advantages of eating together as a family, sitting around the table. The conversations which could ensue. The built in portion control when co eaters watch you have a fourth helping.

Imagine the relationship to nature changing through kids cooking. The fruits, plants and  herbs they would recognize during a walk or a visit in the grocery store.

There are many reasons for promoting better school lunches, for instating cooking as a topic in school, for educating kids to become responsible eaters. ‘ Tis the reason  you will see the following  suggestions and the cause for RFP’s being. You make the difference in between what is and what could be, again.