cartoon cow with flowers

Real Food in 2017

A cow passed me on the interstate, she must have been going 85 miles an hour. She was happily smiling at me, a circle of flowers around her head. Sun light beamed on her from the background. Her face looked like her lover just told her she is the most loved cow in the world. […]

starving children africa

Fight hunger – Editorial

There is great news: The amount of people in the world suffering from hunger has been cut in half within the last 30 years. The bad news: 700 million people are starving, and they could be fed easily. Hunger mainly happens in East Asia and Africa today. It goes along with poverty, which means there is […]

Gardening – Editorial

You have only to walk into a grocery store to see why growing our own produce makes sense: a small head of butter lettuce for $4.99; $2.99 for four tiny beets; $1.99 for three medium oranges; and $1 for two medium baking potatoes. To make it worse, nothing even tastes good. Then there are the […]

Numbers – Editorial

This one is a favorite on any website for most visitors who only browse. Any page worth its salt comes up with lists which make more or less sense. At RFP we give you relevant lists only, which sets us apart from click oriented pages. As a foundation we are interested in valuable, hand picked […]

School Food – editorial

We don’t know a lot about food anymore. Cooking from scratch is a skill, art, beauty, performance, something belonging to our grannies. During the middle of the last century when canned food became popular and fed many a starving mouth common cooking skills started to slowly disappear. At RFP we would like this to change, […]

10 Biggest Food Stories

I know it’s too late for this one, but mind the time difference to Europe: The 10 Biggest Food Stories of 2010 – Daniel Fromson Events and trends that shook up the food policy, sustainability, and restaurant worlds in the past year, from food safety to food trucks to the arrival of “Frankenfish” (Visited 18 […]

10 Most Innovative Companies in Food

A very interesting list. What do you think? A very ecclectic mix, when you have Pepsi Co, and Cargill in the same list and I am not even going into McDonald’s as an innovative food company. For Pepsi and McDonald’s it seems to be more about re-packaging their wares in a way to better fit […]