The promoted tradition of beef

Interesting history by on how beef eating came about to be such a centre piece of our meals. RFP thinks knowledge is power, especially when it comes to why we do what we do. ‘Tis the reason we post this one.      

Organic food and hunger, how is this going together ?

ON HUNGER AND ORGANIC FOOD How elitist are consumers shopping for organic food when faced with 18 % of the population going hungry at times ? We will soon see ten dollar heirloom salad at grocery stores while millions of individuals live on 40 cent hamburgers and meaty buns produced with 70 ingredients. At the […]

Cooking – Editorial

This category is possibly the most important on this site and the reason we started the project. Cooking and eating together are basic elements of human living, and both change drastically. Hardly anyone has cooking skills anymore and knowledge about local foods disappear. ‘Tis the reason we promote you fixing food from scratch. And we […]

Local Food – Editorial

A sense of belonging, sounds prosaic, doesn’t it ? Growing up in an inner city apartment or in a suburb you possibly weren’t exposed to a lot of the agricultural land around you. If you have been lucky, your parents or relatives showed you around the neighborhood and taught you a little bit about the […]

Fight Hunger

At RFP, we are extremely optimistic about the future, because we have it in our hands to make change happen. During the last 25 years hunger has diminished by half world wide. But there still is some way to go. Many actors, some politicians and countless individuals think it is obscene that 16 % of […]

School Food

Eco Literacy is one of the great instigators of better school lunch. They do understand how food and being knowledgeable about it enable individuals to live a more fulfilled life.  


Want to start a garden ? Want help, free ? Here: More good news, it’s a new day dawning on the grocery store front as well. Things change because customers don’t mind oddly shaped produce. Anybody into gardening ? This man has all you need….. Obsessives: Seeds  One man and many, many seeds.  And […]

Food Writers – Editorial

Here we offer you a selection of outstanding writers whose books are engaging, well researched and comprehensive. Here you find two types of writers: The first group  focuses on society and history, while the second has culinary skills as the main theme. While from an ecological and healthful perspective a vegetarian or vegan diet is […]

Ocean Life – Editorial

Unfortunately the world’s oceans as far as the top ten commercially harvested species go are overfished. We offer you ways to find local, tasty, sustainably harvested fish. We also publish the latest on aqua culture and research results on the state of the oceans.  They are polluted by pesticides, through trash and chemical spills. We […]

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Food Documentaries

We are impartial here. This is not easy a task if you have to double check every incoming info, even more so if it’s a library of films and books which aim to fight main stream media. Given the domination of very few media companies though it is mandatory to counter with  info coming form […]