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Hungry for real food ? 

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What makes us fat, maybe

Very accurate snapshot on the state of nutrition research, synopsis: We know nothing...

RFP Mission

Read the mission statement on the need for pure, fresh, unadulterated food on our plates.

This website together with our discussion forum constitutes the backbone of the Real Food Project. From here you can access our Facebook page and participate.

Food illiteracy

Food illiteracy. ( Food illiteracy = concerns individuals who don’t know about cooking, edible plants, nutrition and ingredients on packaged foods ).

We created change in food production and founded a world wide food system which is not sustainable for the planet.

RFP offers you infos on how to change this . We help end hunger, fight diseases with food, foster better school lunches and obtain education in food and cooking.

Priorities at the real food project are given to input on how to quickly take action on various issues.

We practice tolerance for any type of food, be it vegan, gluten free, raw or junk food. We believe in the power of information, not in the lure of a certain life style and we need your input and opinion. This a community driven project and it requires well informed and engaged citizens to make changes happen for the better.
We prefer well informed citizens, that’s one reason we promote food as a school topic. And through our work at RFP we promote you, the active, engaged citizen.
One step at a time you achieve change in a world, whose resources are increasingly exploited without being able to recuperate.

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