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Fight hunger – Editorial

There is great news: The amount of people in the world suffering from hunger has been cut in half within the last 30 years.

The bad news: 700 million people are starving, and they could be fed easily. Hunger mainly happens in East Asia and Africa today. It goes along with poverty, which means there is social poverty in developed countries and absolute poverty in the third world. the American, Australian and European diet for those concerned consists of often ultra processed foods void of nutritional value. In contrast Asians and Africans mostly cook their own meals on a basis of rice or other non processed starches.

There is one caveat: In the USA there are 16 Percent of the population starving at one point in their lives.  So how can we decrease those numbers or even eradicate them ?!

We can fight hunger by voting for those politicians who care about the topic, which means we go voting once every few years.

We could act as humans, being aware of our universal responsibility to care for our next. This responsibility includes nature, our environmental resources and the obligation to clean up our mess in oceans, and industrial sites. This ethic mechanism is instilled in our DNA. Fortunately we only have to dig out that urge to act in a morally proper way. Then we could engage as citizens in a civic movement, engage in soup kitchens, organize or join food drives, donate money to organizations or join those organizations.

At RFP we think it is mandatory to engage in the fight against hunger when we speak about real food, because we believe real food should be a fundamental right of all citizens. We do mean not any kind of food, we mean real food. Because real food is not a privilege of wealthy people, it’s a natural right for every human being and acknowledging this right is a condition for a responsible citizen who would like to be called ethic.