Real Food and its value

Interesting article on the true value of food. People tell us how some large income farmers get most of the dough in subsidies while small farms suffer.
We would like to point out two facts:
– corn and soy have been the heaviest subsidised crops for the last 50 years.
– a great reason for obesity in the nation and damages from monocultures lies buried behind this fact.

Taste The Waste – Documentary  This film shows various reasons the industry discards food, which is not fitting in size or form.
Why do we allow companies to dump oversize potatoes and bent cucumbers ?

Behind the scenes documentary: ” How the food giants hooked us ” . Learn about a 50k chewing machine.
Well worth reading this adapted excerpt, makes you understand products and humans: NY Times article – The extraordinary science of junk food

There are thousands of additives in our food, just for bread products there more than a hundred. Here is the dirty dozen :