2020 or how to leave a Pandemic behind


Humans are creatures of habit.

In the age of the Corona virus, we will experience two main consequences from this condition.

One is good, one maybe not so much.

The good news first :  Most things will go back to normal. 

We will receive vaccines for this virus, likely in less than a year from now. Until then we will make enormous advances in understanding and treating Covid-19. We will be all right.

We will go about our work, eat, drink, get headaches, take care of family, wash our hands more often, have six feet of space in restaurants, grocery stores, on cruise ships and anywhere else where many people gather. 

We will order even more online the ever before, ideally from a small business, because they are the real deal. We have them deliver our goods, and handed to us, without touching each other and without cash involved.

We will learn more about personal hygiene, viruses and the absence of the human touch.

Which is deplorable, because – according to a big study – we need humans more than anything else to  touch us. Dogs and cats can help, some.

We also will learn how to cope with humongous amounts of hungry and homeless folks. 

Politicians are likely to support big companies while we need them to support small operations. This is where the bad news start.

Within scientific circles it has been commonly accepted that sustainable agriculture and adjusted prices for goods including their environmental costs are the better way to conduct business.

The planet could explain why it needs a break from human extractions.

Air, oceans and soil will recuperate, depending on our efforts. The Planet is worth it. Just spend a day in nature, you will see why.

At RFP we now focus on promoting change to tackle the global hunger pandemic, and we foster a better understanding on what tomorrow could be in regards to food.

Anyone who cares enough to take action is invited to contribute content, discuss, volunteer and, unfortunately, donate. Because money makes the world go round and donations are the most effective way to foster change. We use all your money to unearth tried and true information in order to keep fake news and sales talk six feet  away from real science.

We are impartial and advertising free, always.

Because action speaks louder than the words. 

’Tis the reason we increase information on low budget, meat free food – pay your grocer today or your doctor tomorrow.

Home and window sill gardening resources will have a higher ranking on our agenda. 

Grass roots mutual help organizations are something we promote here and you are invited to contribute, because RFP is an extremely small entity and we love contributions of any type.  Not talking to you, haters.

Love is the message, for nature and people alike. These are good times to be kind.