The Real Food Project in 2028


It is that time where outside of new years resolutions and a look back over the shoulder on how the last year went, we might think of the times ahead. Technology evolves quicker than it takes to click on a video, ’tis why we too look ahead.

From the age of chemical agriculture to biology based agriculture

We will see a transformation from pesticide, fungicide and herbicide based agriculture to an age of synthetic biology which reprograms not just microbes but entire plants. Symbiosis of plants will play a much bigger role as the benefits become more obvious.
Biodesigners who seem experimental today might become a regular occurrence in the same way we will see the evolution of cruelty free lab grown meats on an industrial scale sooner rather than later,

From Analog to Digital: Small scale robotics and cloud intelligence

Small scale producers already have better information on their hands when it comes to develop recipes and methods to produce foods better suited for their specific customer.
As robotic systems emerge not only resources but also production methods will be optimized and shared. The end result will be highly specialized, innovative products big box stores can not compete with.

Engaged eaters vote with their wallets when it comes to food choices. Engagement will lead to reduction in antibiotics and additives in foods as well as promote organic foods and healthier options on their plates. In the end it will be the consumer who makes the decision. At the real food project our slogan is : “ Pay your grocer today or your doctor tomorrow “.

Find more information here: The institute for the future .