Cooking – Editorial

This category is possibly the most important on this site and the reason we started the project.

Cooking and eating together are basic elements of human living, and both change drastically. Hardly anyone has cooking skills anymore and knowledge about local foods disappear. ‘Tis the reason we promote you fixing food from scratch. And we need you and your loved ones sitting together for a meal on a daily basis.

This has many benefits, as you can tell by the state France is in.  French people eat fatty foods, tons of baguettes, sugary desserts and more. The obesity rate is a fraction of the one in other countries for many reasons, including this ones:

  • communal meals promote family values, troubles are easier to talk about at the kitchen table.
  • peer pressure keeps family members from third and fourth helpings
  • from scratch cooking makes healthier, cheaper and most often better tasting food
  • fixed meal hours provide points of peace and  daily structure
  • snacking in between meals is frowned upon in France, while water and fruits are ok

So don’t tell yourself there is no time for cooking, because it means there is no time for health and your family. Mind though the answer of a famous chef being asked about the number one consideration for good meals: ” Good ingredients ”

This means few, if any convenience products, a daily look in your fridge to see what needs to go and a little consideration when it comes to meal planning, five minutes a week will do, plus it will save you a ton of money not only at your grocery store but also at your doctor in 20 years from now.

So start learning to cook. There are friends and family to help, the internet and many others to teach you. Don’t be afraid, it’s learning by doing and the few inedible meals will be more than made up by a happier life.