Who enjoys cooking ?

There actually  is such a thing as the National center for home Food preservation. Great site !

One of the best sites on pickling : culturedpickleshop.com

Baking with the american guru on the Topic, Rose Levy Beranbaum

Watch how a champ makes an omelette, and then watch some more at the NYT video page.

Two of the best baking sites anywhere : Hello Real Food, thank you Elmlid !
The bread exchange and the biggest baking help in the world : thefreshloaf.com

Wanna learn something from leaders in their field, do something good and have fun at the same time? Check out those guys at gather round.

Discover how to make cheese, how it tastes better to cook at home and how you achieve a better quality of life

Michael Pollan on why it is important not to let others cook .

More good news from digg.com, it’s a new day dawning on the grocery store front as well. Things change because customers don’t mind oddly shaped produce.

New Generation of Farmers Emerges in Oregon With a new food culture whetting interest in agriculture among people under 40, the average age in a Corvallis Grange goes to 35 from 65.

Here is food babe.com with the ingredients for a burrito plus comment by the producer plus a piece by takepart.com about the meat ingredients. Real few if you mind there is bread out there with 50 ingredients when all you need is 3, flour, water salt….