Save money, work, time, and more

Here is why fresh veggies bought locally are saving you big bucks in the long run. Outside of this article at keep in mind veggies loose 5% of their vitamins a day, which makes local merchandise better in the long run. Especially when the time in life comes to visit doctors… Common Sense Home , all kinds […]

RFP on Diets

Many posts and links by RFP focus on obesity and diet. Here is a basic understanding as to what we do know: Very accurate snapshot by on the state of nutrition research, synopsis: We know nothing. Proper diet remains THE food issue in the first world. Obesity now reached epidemic levels among the majority of citizens in […]

GMO Overview

Are we making progress in the civil movement against GMO ? More here: Why you should care about GMO legislation. Another interesting piece by IFL on the various aspects of GMO, here GMO vs. Mutagenesis, a background story by the business week, which proves change is happening. Nourish four billion people more, without GMO ? No problem say these […]