School Food

Want better school lunches ? As you know democracy means the rule of the people.  See this Report on how foundations and organizations work  getting better food for kids to the school lunch table. .

Things are looking better as time goes on.
Most school districts (94%) are committed to meeting the healthy new lunch standards – contrary to recent headlines! How can they connect better food to better learning? Check out the Center for Ecoliteracy’s FREE “Visual Guide Linking Food, Culture, Health, and the Environment” 

Jamie Oliver is one of our heroes: Imagine the consequence of teaching kids how to cook:
The sooner we start to think about what we consume and how to prepare it the better. I would have loved to have learned about cooking and food at a young age. It would have opened a whole world of delicious discoveries, not to mention better nutrition. Of course it wouldn’t hurt for adults to learn it either, as Jamie says “if everyone would teach three people to cook something nutritious and they teach three of their friends, it would only have to be repeated 25 times to have taught the population of the United States”. Incredible.
Jamie Oliver’s TED Prize wish: Teach every child about food