Our food carries thousands of preservatives  in order to maximize profit and minimize health damage to the consumer. Restaurant food in addition to additives often is laced with too much salt, fat and sugar. It often makes us and our children sick.
Our seas are over fished and polluted. Scientists estimate we have removed as much as 90% of large predators like cod and swordfish from the oceans.
Fruits and vegetables are available only in very few varieties compared to the last 2000 years, because promoting a few choices is more profitable than reintroducing local and heirloom selections to grocery stores. At this point we pay our doctors, not our grocer.

We deserve a change and so does our planet.
We ask our readers to pay attention to labels. We encourage purveyors to offer local varieties.
We ask USDA to step up pressure on corporate food giants to reintroduce as many products of heirloom varieties as possible. We encourage adults and children to plant their own pot of tomato, chili or basil in their gardens or near their window.
We demand bread and pastry made without bleach, potassium bromate and other additives. We do not approve of vitamins and minerals in rice, pasta and flour because we want a choice when we purchase those items. We choose real food.
We demand the absence of sickening ingredients in food. We encourage research on the impact of plastic and artificial ingredients on humans and animals. We disapprove the use of genetically modified foods. We want these foods restricted or at least clearly labeled as such.

We’re into:
Local food initiatives bringing regional foods directly to consumers.
Real Food in our school lunchrooms.
Fresh, sustainable and organic foods — these help support us and the planet, so it can recuperate and replenish after the century-long insult of industrialized farming.
School gardens to reintroduce real food to the population, starting with our children.
Families who cook together. Families who eat together.
Basic cooking, sourcing and nutrition taught in all schools.
Companies which make real food a priority for their employees, through in house farmers markets or otherwise.
Meat produced with dignity.
Sustainably caught fish and seafood.
One day without eating meat per week, at least one day.

We acknowledge:

•Our national productivity, creativity, economy and medical systems are crippled by obesity related illness
We are hard-wired to want fat, sugar and salt. But we don’t have to eat it every time.
We can make the move, make the change to real food.

Welcome to the Real Food Project, please join in.