cartoon cow with flowers

Real Food in 2017

A cow passed me on the interstate, she must have been going 85 miles an hour.
She was happily smiling at me, a circle of flowers around her head. Sun light beamed on her from the background. Her face looked like her lover just told her she is the most loved cow in the world. The cow was a picture on a tractor trailer passing me on the right.

Of course there millions of gallons of pasteurized milk on the road at any given moment. No cow producing these seas of milk smiles, no circle of flowers anywhere near their head.
The queen is not amused when talk comes to the life cycle and treatment of cows, pigs, chicken and others we raise for their meat. Vegans would have some choice words on the topic.
But this piece is not on Ethics.

It is on how we could generate more humanly raised food, use less than those 190 permitted ingredients we find in bread, create a more sustainable agricultural system that allows farmers to earn living wages and raise kids who know more about food.

It will take a revolution. A delicious one, a peaceful one, but one where we need to engage and change.

This is the reason we are here. We continue to provide you with the information you need, be it to save money on meal planning, find heirloom seeds or get better school lunches for your kids.

You just have to do it, because change, yes we can. And those are not phrases.
Welcome to the real food project, support us, yourself and your community, now.